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About Us:

 “Absent Healing aims to make wellbeing  accessible and sustainable for everyone.”

First of all, let me say Thank You if you have reached my website and have taken the time to read my About Us page and what I have posted. Below I have written a small blurb about my journey to this point.

My journey became more aware to me about ten years ago when I was going through a crazy period in my life, and I literally sat down and said: “what the hell is going?”. The next morning I awoke from having a very vivid dream where I remember looking at a profile of myself and in very large letters in flame was “Spiritual Healing”. From that point on I’ve been drawn to spiritual healing, which in turn lead me to Reiki.

I discovered the benefits of Reiki 7 years ago after seeking an alternatives approach to healing. I had tried many conventional medical routes, none of which worked effectively for me. I currently have Psoriasis and have studied, experimented and explored most avenues to healing this dis-ease.

The self-healing I learned paid dividends for my personal well-being and long-term health. I made a decision then to help others find the benefits of Reiki and natural products that could support and improve their wellbeing for themselves.

About Us and My Vision

However, this isn’t always an easy area to navigate or to gain access to. Absent Healing’s product reviews are one way of making this an easier path by explaining their benefits and application. Equally, our offering of local and distant healing through Reiki supports our aim of making this accessible to everyone.

It is my deep-seated belief that with the right frame of mind and arming oneself with knowledge and awareness can help us transcend our current problems and make a better life for ourselves through a better mental state, physical health and spiritual health. After all isn’t it what we all strive for? It is my sincere wish that everything contained within Absent healing helps you on your healing journey.

Kind Regards,